Managing users

Last updated 07/01/2016

Everything is cool when you’re part of a team.

Inviting new users

To add people to your organisation click "Users" and then click the "Invite more people" button. Enter their email addresses, select the team you want them to join and provide a helpful welcome message so they understand what you’ll be using HeyUpdate for.

Screenshot of inviting user

Removing users

To remove people from your organisation click the "Manage User" button then click the big red "Remove User" button. Exercise caution, once a user is removed all of their updates will also be removed.

Managing user identities

If your team use multiple emails or spelling of their names then HeyUpdate may not always be able to display activity correctly.

When an integration sends activity from someone unknown to HeyUpdate then it will be logged and you will be given the opportunity to tell us which user it is in HeyUpdate. Once this is done future activity will be logged against the correct user.

To manage user identities click "Users" and then click "Identities". You will see a list of identities from the various services you have integrated with.

Screenshot of identities page