Last updated 07/01/2016

The Slack integration posts a summary of your team's updates into a channel and sends direct message reminders to user to ask them to write an update.

Installing the integration

Click on the "Integrations" menu item then click the "Add" button for the Slack integration in the list.

Use the "Add to Slack" button and Authorize access to your Slack team.

Add to Slack button

Pleas note we request "Access your team's profile information" when installing the app on your Slack team. We use this permission to show a list of users within HeyUpdate to configure which Slack user to send reminders to.

OAuth grant access page

Once the integration is authorized select which Slack channel you want your updates to be posted in.

Integration settings

Users can go to their settings to select their Slack user. Once this is done they will receive reminders sent via Slackbot and be able to write updates using the /heyupdate slash command without leaving Slack.