Last updated 07/01/2016

As your organization grows you might benefit from having separate teams within HeyUpdate.

All users within your organization will be able to see updates for every team, however summaries will only contain updates from members of the same team. Teams can have a different reminder/summary schedule, which can be useful for distributed teams.

Creating a new team

To create a new team, click on the "Teams" menu item then "Create new team". Enter the required information and click "Save".

Screenshot of the Create new team link

Adding users to a team

To add existing users to a team go to "Users" and select the new team from the dropdown.

Screenshot of the users list

Users can also change their team by selecting the team from the "Teams" drop down and clicking "Join".

Removing a team

If you no longer need a team it can be removed.

  1. Click on the "Teams" menu item then select the team.
  2. Click on the team name drop down and select "Settings".
  3. Click the "Remove Team" button at the bottom of the page.

When a team is removed all of the updates for that team will also be removed.